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About Jerry

Who Is Jerry Conti?

Jerry Conti is a world-class connector and a driving force for industry transformation. With an impressive 30 years of experience, Jerry demonstrates the unparalleled outcomes of combining dedication with strategic acumen. His track record speaks volumes: multiple successful ventures, strategic partnerships with industry giants, and a commitment to mentoring tomorrow’s leaders. Amidst the tapestry of life, you’ll find Jerry Conti, a loving father to his 17 year old son Jayden, husband of 18 year marriage with his beloved wife Jessica, and friends to so many. With a passion for spirituality and a deep love for nature, Jerry’s heart beats in harmony with the world around him. International travel, golf, boating, and hiking stand as his cherished forms of fun and recreation, where he discovers the true essence of happiness.

At the beginning

At 14-29 years of age, Jerry cultivated his entrepreneurial skills and developed an unwavering passion for the art of hard work and business skills through a family business; Conti Construction, that still exists after 107 years… now Anchored by steadfast values and principled approaches in this field, he adeptly mastered converting visionary concepts such as “Go the extra mile” and “anything is possible” into concrete realities. Pivotal to his journey was a resounding mantra: an ‘attitude for excellence,’ now serving as the guiding force behind each of his endeavors. In his early 30’s seeking personal autonomy as an entrepreneur, Jerry entered the field of Personal & Spiritual development and was inspired by what human potential and a mindset of possibility can create.

Four generation family business

Empowering Transformation Through Experiences

Guided by his entrepreneurial drive, Jerry collaborated with billion dollar companies like NuSkin and Arbonne and built downline network of over 12,000 distributors the U.S and Canada. Through these experiences, he mastered direct sales and personal development, empowering him to inspire and transform lives.

Today, he continues building networks and community, an integral part of his identity as CEO at Legacy Live/Breakout.

Navigating Strategic Partnerships with High-Profile Entrepreneurs (2009-2014)

Continuing on his journey, Jerry seamlessly leveled up to become a trusted strategic partner, offering his expertise to accomplished entrepreneurs. Through his well-established connections and astute business acumen, he played a pivotal role in guiding others toward success, all the while fostering solid partnerships and joint ventures. His unwavering commitment serves as an inspiration to those he touches, illustrating the power of collaboration and shared growth.

Jet Mastermind with Brian Page

Architecting Future Success for Companies (2015-2020)

Stepping into CEO roles across multiple companies, Jerry’s leadership took center stage. He played a pivotal role in driving substantial revenue and acquiring 24 luxury 1M -3M rental property rights through co-founded ventures like Lux Vacation Rentals LLC, LuxHomePro Holdings LLC and BoomSTR Inc. Today, he continues to forge ahead, shaping the future through his founding partner role at Legacy Live/ Breakout. His far-reaching influence has not only extended to education, coaching, and personal development, but has also left an indelible mark on countless lives.

Venturing into Enterprise-Level Businesses (2022-Present)

Fueled by an unrelenting pursuit of growth, Jerry entered the enterprise-level arena within the publicly traded company Legacy Education Alliance OTCQB LEAI. As President & CEO of a rising technology and real estate education-focused marketing firm, he continues to redefine the industry. Spearheading real estate, trading, entrepreneurship and bio-hacking education revolution backed by strategic partnerships in SaaS and digital marketing, he continues to stand as a beacon of innovation.

Legacy Live/Breakout's Mission

At Legacy Live/Breakout, Jerry, alongside a stellar team of top-tier mentors, delivers a precise blueprint for lasting business success. The core mission is clear and simple: to provide ambitious entrepreneurs with powerful strategies, robust habits, and indispensable resources, all converging towards a life overflowing with health, wealth, and abundance.

Legacy Live/Breakout invites you to a practical path of personal growth and financial expertise. Within this community, ambitions transform into actionable outcomes as members support and guide each other in defining a future teeming with prosperity and opportunities. 

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